“I was blessed to be Rania’s first hot stone client. I particularly enjoyed the way Rania incorporated warming my muscles with the hot stones and then targeting a deeper tissue massage in areas that were particularly tight. Her expertise and intuition in identifying what my body needed was wonderful! I found the combination of hot stones and deep tissue to be synergistic in giving my body a greater benefit than either one of the massages alone. Thank you, Rania, for a most enjoyable and relaxing massage.” – Barbara Schmit
“Rania’s massages put me to sleep. To me, that’s a relaxing massage!” – Barbara Lightner Anderson
“Rania is the best way to relieve your stress and make your body feel rejuvenated!!” – Emma Deibel
“Rania’s massage was soothing and invigorating. She is very focused on her client to ensure comfort and is attentive and skilled at making her client feel relaxed and invigorated! Because Rania provided me my first massage, she took the time to explain different techniques.
Excellent massage!” – Fran Basile
“Rania’s massages leave me relaxed and pain free. The massages help me by giving me relief from the low back and foot pain I experience do to Plantar Fasciitis. Rania’s massages also leave me feeling much looser and I am also able to walk up the stairs after a massage because of the work she does on my Glutes and back. My spine has even been known to have a natural adjustment take place do to the muscles relaxing as a result of the massage” – Helena Coutinho
“My massage with Rania was one of the most focused, intuitive massages I’ve ever received. Thank you!” – Jean Marie Handwerker DuHamel
“During a stressful and extremely busy state convention of the National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey, I was able to receive a chair massage from Rania. Her gifted hands, meaningful questions pertaining to my need for a massage and her thoughtfulness to provide a professional massage therapy session was achieved. During the chair massage, my stress level vanished and this assisted me throughout the weekend. Rania, thanks for your gifted hands and your drive to become the best you can.” – Joe Rruffalo, President National Federation of the Blind of new Jersey Bloomfield New Jersey
“I often experience very bad muscle spasms in my back…so bad that many times I’ve had to go to the ER for muscle relaxants and pain meds and can’t work for a day or two because of them. Last week I had one of those spasms starting on my upper back…it had already started to give me a tension headache…I have had enough of these bad spasms to know where this one was heading…..so I called Rania …I had a full body massage…by the time I got home the headache was gone! Also I had broken my foot in Nov and badly sprained the muscles and tendons in the process which still is painful when I’m on my feet for a long time….that night at work I was able to work almost to the end of my shift before it became painful! (I’m a certified nurse asst and am on my feet for very long periods of time) Rania is a miracle worker! THANK YOU! Rania!” – Marlene Marie Andershonis-Szipocs
“After a massage I always feel renewed! Rania does a great job.” – Richard Yeomans
“Rania’s massages are wonderful! She can focus in on problem areas and can make a world of a difference to your body and spirit. I always feel relaxed and refreshed! She is a true professional with a gift!”  – Ashley Fimiano
“Rania is a beautiful soul who although is unable to see the world through her eyes, feels it more deeply than most who have sight through her loving and caring heart. She is an amazing massage therapist who is always striving to learn and improve her skills so she may best serve her clients. I look forward to my sessions with her as she uses a wonderful variety of massage techniques and covers all areas of the body including my head, ears and face. Rania takes extra time and care, sensing what areas need more attention and work. Thank you Rania for your fabulous healing massages.” – Barbara Steingas, BS PT, MA
“Rania did an amazing job on my massages. She left me feeling a good sore, relaxed and refreshed. I highly recommend her as a massage therapist!!!” – Kristie Crossman
“Rania is such a sweet person inside and out! She’s an amazing massage therapist and listened to everything that was bothering me and took the extra time to really make sure I was in better shape when I left then when I came!! I had my prenatal massage with her and she was very gentle but I felt so much better after i left there my tension headaches disappeared real quick!! Recommend her to everyone!!!”  Courtney Spender
“I had a great experience with Rania! She was very attentive to my issues and I feel so much better today. I look forward to my next massage! :)” – Jacinda Robinson
“Rania is sensitive to the needs of her clients and utilizes the techniques she has learned over the years specific to the individual. She is passionate about therapeutic massage and continues to learn by researching and attending various classes to deepen her knowledge.” – Mary Ellen Moses
“I enjoyed Rania’s massage and felt refreshed after it. She can feel where my muscles were tense and helped them relax.” – Susan Degeorge
“Five stars. Rania also put me to sleep with her massage. Highly recommended.” – Stephen Krause
“Rania is a great massage therapist she is patient and kind. She listen’s to what you say is bothering you and she does her best to alleviate the problem areas. Thank you for our session the other day.” – Tara Mourry LMT
“I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage from Rania. I found it to be very gentle, rhythmic and almost meditative. I didn’t feel like it was doing much during the massage, as compared with a deep tissue massage, which is felt immediately. I highly recommend this service!” – Barbara Schmit
“Rania’s MLD sessions are wonderful. Afterwards I feel lighter & so relaxed. I highly recommend this service.” – Barbara Steingas, BS PT, MA

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